iDesign Studio - Shadow Box


Your Shadow Box can be turned on and off using the small sliding switch on the SquareWear. Then, press the button to activate!

The battery can be charged via the included USB cable -- simply plug it into your computer's USB port or a USB charger.


Building the shadow box

Here are the steps taken to create the Shadow Box kit -- all that's left is to create your design and place it in the box!
  1. Download the Arduino sketch for Shadow Box and use the Arduino program to upload it to your SquareWear.
  2. Solder snaps onto the back of SquareWear: a small one on VCC and a large one spanning D3 and D5. The large snap ensures enough current to activate the nitinol wire.
  3. Cut a piece of cardstock to fit the box and SquareWear; use copper tape to set up the connections.
  4. Prepare the nitinol wire.
    1. Cut a length of nitinol wire to fit the cardstock.
    2. Thread a crimp bead onto the end.
    3. Thread the end of the wire back through the crimp bead.
    4. Crimp the bead (using needle nose pliers, for example) to secure it on the wire.
    5. Thread a single bead onto the wire.
    6. Attach a crimp bead to the other end.
    7. You should now have a piece of nitinol wire with crimp beads on each end and a regular bead that can slide between them.
  5. Activate the nitinol wire and mark its shortest length on the cardstock.
  6. Solder the crimp beads slightly closer than the measurements.
  7. Solder snaps to match those on the back of SquareWear onto the cardstock.
  8. Tape a piece of transparency onto the cardstock, close to the edge.
  9. Attach a piece of thread through the loose bead on the nitinol in a Y shape and use tape to secure the ends.
  10. Adjust the tension on the thread ends to maximize the height that the transparency is raised when the wire is activated, while checking that it returns to lying flat when the wire is relaxed.
  11. Once you are satisfied with the tension, hot glue the ends of the thread and cut them short.
  12. Create a finished design with stickers or other embellishments! Then snap the SquareWear into place and use glue dots to secure the cardstock to the interior of the acryclic box. Enjoy!