The MHC CS department is hosting a 24 hour coding extravaganza where talented students will team up to create the best interactive game they can muster.

This pilot event will give MHC students the chance to experience the video game production pipeline from pitching to developing a finished game, all in less than 24 hours! We are fortunate enough to have involvement from local game company HitPoint Studios (the largest independently owned game company in Massachusetts) -- games created at the GameJam may even be displayed at the company's upcoming Open House.

We will provide free (FREE) tshirts and pizza. You will provide your ingenuity and enthusiasm for sweet games!


February 27: IHart Info Session
Monday 2/27 at 12:15 (overview to begin at 12:30, bring your own lunch) Kendade 307

Have you seen the interactive games in the second floor of Clapp? Ever wonder how they're made?

They are part of the "IHart: Interactive Hallways for attraction and retention to technology" project, made by our own CS students (some having only taken CS101)!

Come to the IHart Info Session to learn how
you could be involved in IHart and make your own interactive display!

March 3: IHart HitPoint GameJam
Saturday 3/3 starting at 10am (this exciting event will last 24 hours!) Kendade 307

Do you ever feel addicted to programming? Want the excitement of designing and creating your own interactive game? Now is your chance!

At the IHart HitPoint GameJam, you will experience game production from the drawing board to a full product, based on our own interactive hallway technology.

Your game might even end up on display at local game company HitPoint Studios' Open House mid-March!