Bowser's at it agian - sending his minions into the depths of the Mushroom Kingdom not to kidnap the Princess, but to take revenge on Mario himself this time! His only hope that you stop them first by knocking them off the brick pathway they walk on. Not so strong now, eh Bowser?
It appears you've lost some important objects! Use your faces to control the beam of light. When an assigned boject has been located, a green check will apear and you will have to find the next object. Find as many as you can in the shortest time possible for maximum points!
Use the keyboard(left and right to control the chicken and space key to drop eggs;use S and D keys to move the basket) Timer on the upper right corner shows the time you have left. Your score will be shown in the end.
Are you a bad enough to make art explode?(iHart needed)
ColorSplash is a color mixing display. Just start with red, blue, yellow, or green and a small movement, you can create a new color on the screen. Your multicolored playing field will make all sorts of colors in a matter of milliseconds! If you move fast enough, you can make pictures and words galore! (Be careful! There?s no eraser!)