Thursday 12/11 presentations, Kendade 303
CS Robotics Independent Studies
11am - 12pm
  • Pragya Bajoria '15 - SSH into the Robot Bash
    The project discusses how to set-up an independent, personal robot using the Robot Operating System, Linux Netbook, iRobot Create and Kinect Sensor! Learn Linux tricks and Networking 101 that facilitates the communication between the robot and the workstation.

  • Alyx Burns '17 - Robotics and Computer Vision: Why Documentation Matters
    We will discuss documentation's role in the progress of project development, and how it specifically applied to the integration of computer vision technology for use in robotics this semester.
CS 211 Data Structures
1pm - 3pm
  • Thao Bach '16, Mahima Ghale '17, Paula Kayongo '17 - NewsApp
    An Android app that lets users search for any news articles from the New York Times and The Guardian.

  • Audrey Lemberger '17 - Countering the Species Counterpoint
    This application teaches beginner music theory students the basic rules of a species counterpoint. As the student creates their counterpoint, this application will actively check for errors in their piece.

  • Sonya Gao '15 and Jaewon (Amy) Ryu '16 - MA Map: A Brief Study of South Hadley to Boston
    Think to pre-Google, post-paper maps. There actually isn't much of a period like this because we skipped over many of the interim periods with the sudden developments in technology. With the knowledge we have obtained from Data Structures, Amy and Sonya attempt to bridge the gap left by Google to provide Mount Holyoke students a highlight map of the routes from which students can get from South Hadley to Boston. The map contains as well calculations of travel time, impacted by road conditions, as well as recommendations of roads to travel given intersection points. It is a look at history as well as a mini-insight into how Google Maps likely operates behind-the-scenes.

  • Yuzhi Xiao '16 and Yue Yang '17 - Food Choice Application
    We designed an application to help students choose what they can eat given their preferences and personal information. We also designed a website that can allow student to place order. (If Blanchard agree to use the website, then students can just order food online and pick them up once they go to Blanchard.)

  • Lia Poulos '16 - Keepin' with the Flock
    Robots in rigid formation simulating leader-follower behavior as shown in animals such as geese.

  • Emma Romeo '16

  • Camille Malonzo '16

  • Eva Snyder '17 - Beaut
    It's a known fact that a fisherman should decide which lure to use when fishing based on the current weather and lighting conditions, however, this is often a tricky choice to make in the moment. But not anymore! With Beaut, all she/he has to do is enter their lure dictionary and Beaut will do the rest! Using your phone's geolocation and a handy weather API, Beaut will tell you which lure you should use to help your reel in the big one!