CS 341 Computational Geometry in Video Games Theory of Computation

CS 341 Computational Geometry in Video Games
Spring 2009
Audrey St. John

COMSC 341 Computational Geometry in Video Games

Tue/Thu 1:15-2:30
Clapp 218

Instructor: Audrey St. John
Office: Clapp 200
Office Hours:
Tu 2:30-3:30
Wed 2-3
and by appointment

Email: astjohn "at" mtholyoke "dot" edu
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Developing video games is an exciting and challenging domain, involving many areas of computer science, such as graphics, artificial intelligence and robotics. In this course, we focus on the geometric problems that arise in video game programming. Due to the expensive computations often demanded by current video game technology, efficient algorithms are required that not only satisfy speed requirements, but result in realistic user experiences. Topics will include standard problems from computational geometry, such as triangulation of 2D and 3D objects, point detection and visibility.

Required prereqs: CS 211 Data structures and Math 232 Discrete
Recommended prereqs: CS 312 Algorithms and Math 211 Linear algebra