CSC 112a
Fall 2007
Audrey Lee

On-line Resources

  1. Java 1.6 library reference
  2. Java Swing tutorial
  3. Java Tutorial for C++ programmers , Rebecca Hasti at University of Wisconsin.
  4. Another Java Tutorial from University of Wisconsin.
  5. Java AWT Tutorial, David Arnow and Gerald Weiss at Brooklyn College. Slides. Using JDK 1.1.
  6. HTML and Java Tutorials
  7. Java Library Reference
  8. Java Glossary
  9. Javadoc
  10. Jar
  11. Ant User Manual
  12. JGraph. A graph editor.
  13. Java coding conventions
  14. Checkstyle
  15. Jalopy, source code formatter
  16. Bluemarsh graphmaker
  17. GML and graphlet, a graph editor
Unix and Emacs
  1. Unix, DOS commands
  2. Unix, DOS commands
  3. Emacs commands
  4. Sample .emacs customization file, includes nice indentation (using spaces, not tabs) for Java code. Place .emacs in your home directory to load settings.
  1. Firefox java console add-on