alumnae voices


Maria Kazandjieva '06
Green Computing and Sensor Networks
Ph.D. candidate, Stanford University

"The PowerNet project aims to collect and characterize real-world data on power consumption and utilization of computing setups. We monitor PCs, servers, computer screens, network switches, laptops, etc. to understand how power consumption correlates with user workload...What is more, scientists from various disciplines are collaborating with computer scientists to better approach problems such as virus spread, wildlife tracking, or protein folding..."

Natasha Mohanty '03
Technology in Journalism

"I was a Computer Science major at MHC and have been working for the past few years at Google working on Google News. Before the US Presidential elections I launched a tool to help people educate themselves on positions various candidates are taking on pivotal political issues. To enable this, I built this exciting piece of technology that can distinguish between a candidates position versus commentary by other parties on her position so that the veracity of this information can be established. Currently, we are looking into reviving the newspaper industry through computing."

Ayesha Naeem '04
Economic Consulting and Analytics for Healthcare
MBA Candidate, expected '12
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts (2008 - Present)
Analysis Group, Inc. (2004 - 2008)

"At Mount Holyoke, I minored in Computer Science and majored in Economics. I recently received offers of admission from MBA programs at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and the New York University Leonard N. Stern School of Business, and I will be returning to school in the fall. I am currently working at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, a healthcare insurance company, and prior to this, I worked for four years at Analysis Group, Inc., an economic consulting firm. At Analysis Group, I built a focus in the company's healthcare practice, where I solved complex business problems for global healthcare organizations by using technical programming methodologies. At BCBS of MA, my programming skills have allowed me to build data models and analyses, which my company has used as templates during discussions on vital national healthcare reform issues. I can not emphasize enough how tremendously my Computer Science background has contributed to my professional success..."


Mitali Pattnaik '99
Internet, Social Media and Gaming

" I graduated from Mt Holyoke with a Computer Science and Philosophy double-major in 1999. Since then, my career has spanned product management, marketing and general management in the internet and gaming industries. I am currently General Manager of Social Games at PlayFirst in San Francisco. I attended London Business School from 2003-2005 from where I received my MBA.
My career started with a summer internship at Microsoft during my second summer at MHC. This gave me the opportunity to return to Microsoft full-time post graduation as a Program Manager. I worked on Office products where my features touched the lives of 500 million people! After my MBA, I worked in senior marketing roles at Yahoo!, on Yahoo's Search and Video products. I then moved to Electronic Arts - the largest video game publisher - to work on the extremely popular Sims games - which have sold over 120 million copies since they launched in 2000. Now at PlayFirst, I manage a team of 25 engineers, artists, and game designers to build games for social networks such as Facebook."

Leah Riley '03
Renewable Energy
National Renewable Energy Laboratory

" After graduating with a degree in Physics from MHC, I went on to study both Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering and currently work at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in Colorado.  Even as a non-major, my computer science training and course work has been invaluable.  I find that I am required to write my own data analysis programs on a regular basis, as commercially available products may not meet my research needs.  Computer science is vital ... in providing students with a well-rounded, complete educational opportunity..."

Suchi Saria '04
Healthcare and Computing
Ph.D. candidate, Stanford University

"At MHC, I double majored in Computer Science and Physics. I am currently finishing my doctoral studies at Stanford University in Computer Science with a focus in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. As part of my Phd, in collaboration with a team of doctors from the Stanford hospital, we built computational models that can analyze and find patterns in ICU data and predict which infants require more care.
More broadly, biology offers some of the most challenging problems where computational techniques can bring new insight; with torrents of raw data pouring forth from new experimental assays in genomics, proteomics, and other molecular biology research, large scale analytics can help us better understand disease mechanisms."

Sadia Sharmin '01
Software Technology
MBA candidate, MIT Sloan

"After graduating from Mount Holyoke College, I joined Microsoft Corporation where I worked as a Software Design Engineer for eight years. While at Microsoft, I worked on three different divisions on high impact projects and created billions of dollars of business impact. I was also actively involved in recruiting efforts at Mount Holyoke College for Microsoft and we made several strong hires over the years. I am currently pursuing a fulltime MBA at MIT Sloan. After graduation, I plan to start my own outsourcing company in Bangladesh by leveraging my experience at Microsoft and my MBA education at MIT. Without the strong foundation in Computer Science at Mount Holyoke, I would not have been able to follow my passion in technology and my dreams of strengthening the technology industry in Bangladesh."


Laura Trutoiu '08
Robotics and Graphics
Ph.D. candidate, Carnegie Mellon University

"I am a PhD student in the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University where I do research on human locomotion. I am from Romania and I came to the US in 2004 to study computer science as an international student here at Mount Holyoke College. During my undergraduate years, I was lucky enough to be involved in several research projects through summer internships, at University of Utah and Vanderbilt University, and on-campus research projects at Mount Holyoke, as well as neighboring Smith College, and Hampshire College. After graduating Magna cum Laude and with High Honors in Computer Science, I did a summer internship followed by a self defined study abroad program in Virtual Reality at the Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics in Germany. I am now continuing my research career working under the supervision of Dr. Jessica Hodgins in the Graphics Lab at Carnegie Mellon University."

Rosalia F Tungaraza '04
Computer Science and Neuroscience
PhD University of Washington
Postdoctoral fellow, University of Washington

"I work as a postdoc at the Integrated Brain Imaging Center in Seattle, which is a research center affiliated with the University of Washington's Medical School. My day to day work involves designing and implementing computer methods for analyzing medical images especially of the following modalities: functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) and Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI).
My educational background in both the biological sciences and computer science makes it easy for me to bridge the gap between computer science and neural imaging in various aspects of my job. At Mount Holyoke I majored in both biochemistry and computer science. When I was pursuing my Ph.D at the University of Washington's department of Computer Science and Engineering, I worked in two research fields: computational biology (protein structure analysis) and computer vision (brain images analysis). Both schools provided me with a good preparation for what I am doing now.
At the end of the day, I enjoy solving problems and writing computer code both of which I get to do everyday. Besides that I also enjoy reading about the discoveries done by other scientists in my field, learning new programming languages and techniques, and the process of creatively communicating information (whether programming related or science) to others via publications and talks. "